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At Alder Grove, we define oracy as the set of talking and listening skills that people should develop in the same way we would expect people to develop reading and writing skills; the teachable set of competencies to do with spoken language. We believe oracy to be essential in the development and achievement of our children and strive to develop these skills through the taught curriculum, the hidden curriculum, playtimes and lunchtimes, extra-curricular activities and the whole ethos of the school. We believe that speaking and listening skills are fundamentally vital for success, both in learning and in life. Research shows that oracy skills are one of the strongest indicators for success later in life, impacting on academic achievement, employability, confidence and self-esteem.

Respectful and productive relationships between all who form part of the school community are crucial aspects of this ethos. We place a high priority on supporting the development of good speaking and listening skills amongst our pupils. Correct spoken language and development of vocabulary is fundamental to learning. Speaking and listening play a large part in a child’s progress in all curriculum areas and teachers plan to develop these skills in a wide variety of ways. We aim to develop and encourage fluent speakers, with rich vocabulary, who are confident to operate in a wide range of situations. In order to achieve this, we set out the following objectives:

  • To ensure that oracy is at the heart of excellent teaching across the curriculum
  • To raise attainment across the curriculum by adopting an oracy-rich approach to teaching and learning
  • To empower children to become confident, articulate and effective communicators in a range of contexts
  • For children to become effective and generous listeners
  • For children to value the contributions of others and take account of their views

As your child progresses through the school, as parents you will have the opportunity to see the development of your child’s oracy skills through class assemblies, presentations and performances.

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