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Remote Learning

At the end of September, the Government asked all schools to develop their Remote Learning systems in case a school bubble had to close due to a localised positive Covid-19 result or if wider lockdown measures were put in place. Remote Learning is how the school offers home learning opportunities if your child is unable to attend school.

This could happen for the following reasons:

• You as a family are self-isolating due to a positive result, but the rest of the school is still open.
• The school bubble has closed due to positive Covid-19 results in the school and the Department for Education and Public Health England have put the school into self-isolation.
• Local lockdown – all schools in the local area are asked to work remotely.
• National lockdown – a repeat of the Summer Term where all schools in England were closed.

What will your child need to do each day?

We, as a school, have decided that the main teaching content will not be live, but pre-recorded videos due to the current age of our children at Alder Grove. This will allow parents to access them when it suits them during the day and fit around jobs and other siblings. Each day the following will be available at 9am on Microsoft Teams for you to access:

Nursery (Owl Class):

  • Recorded story with questions and opportunities for children to engage with and take part
  • Weekly Continuous Provision Tasks – tasks/activities that will link to a focus within the Nursery setting to support their Early Learning Goals
  • Weekly live reading session with a member of staff from the Nursery 
  • Weekly live catch-up session - a chance for the children to talk about what they have done that week.  

Reception (Wagtail Class):

  • Daily live registration on Teams (9am) - a chance for a member of staff from Wagtail to welcome the children in the morning and talk about the work for the day
  • Daily live catch-up on Teams (2.30pm) - at the end of each day, the children will come online to talk about their learning that day
  • Recorded Read Write Inc Phonics input and activities (uploaded to Teams)
  • Recorded Power Maths input and activities (uploaded to Teams)
  • Weekly Continuous Provision tasks – tasks/activities that will link to this half term's topic to support their Early Learning Goals (uploaded to Teams)
  • Recorded story with questions and opportunities for children to engage with and take part (uploaded to Teams)
  • Weekly packs to collect from the front of school that contain your child's reading and phonics books for the week
  • Two live Collective Worship assemblies each week with Mr Theobald on Teams, including the Alder Grove Excellence Award on Friday (Monday & Friday 1.15pm)

One of the benefits of using Microsoft Teams is that it offers more than just a file-sharing service. Each day, the class teachers will be available via Teams Chat to answer any questions about the work throughout the day. Video conferences with the class teacher can also be arranged via the office to talk through aspects of the learning or if more support is required.

Evidence Me
In order to continue to develop your child's learning profiles during a lockdown situation, we would ask parents to upload photos and comments using the Evidence Me app. This will help us to continue building evidence of their learning. Each profile is private and is only accessible by yourself and the class staff.

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